What’s the story (morning glory)

Vinitaly and the Piemonte hall on Sunday morning, what a stunner of a day and after the shock and pain of last years 2007’s come the glorious 2008s, now this is a truly remarkable vintage. I am as certain as I am about anything that this will be remembered as miraculous and excellent. We also had the chance to re-taste and re-think a good number of 2007 wine and I have finally come to the conclusion that whilst there are lovely wines from this vintage, there are not so many great Nebbiolos. I think that journalists who signed this off as one of the all time greats for Nebbiolo are wide of the mark. Barbera on the other hand, well that’s a different story (as is so often the case), it thrived in the heat and promises to be a true a classic and if you can get your hands on some, do!
(We have just shipped Villa Giada’s Dani 2007)



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