Week 27 Calendar

Refosco and Puglia week (a bit of cricket too if the weather improves)
Monday: Emma and I are in and out all day, there will be someone in until at least 4:30 though. (Sally is here too helping us catch up with web images)
Tuesday: Hopefully I will be out all day playing cricket and Emma will be here.
Wednesday: Polly is back from her Duke of Edinburgh Gold in the Highlands, Emma will probably be at home gluing Polly’s toenails back on. I’ll be here though.
Thursday: We’ll be in a little late 11ish and may escape for lunch (check the batwine twitter feed)
Friday: Regular day in the warehouse, the Priante will be open for you to taste.
Saturday: I will be building a wall and Emma will be in the warehouse, normal times 9am to 2pm and the wines from Ugento (Puglia – Negroamaro and Primitivo) will be open for you to enjoy.


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