Vinitaly, early thoughts

StatsThere is a bubbling unrest throughout Europe where there simply is no ‘cheap wine’ left to be had.  The problem has been caused by a combination of demand, inflation and nature, there is simply no way around it so we are left with the challenge of how to manage it.

Fortunately we have clients who care about what they are drinking, if price/alcohol is the issue then the UK is a difficult place to shop (legally) since even on a £6 bottle the chancellor will grab the first £1.20 in VAT and the next £2 for duty leaving just £2.80 for the merchant to buy/ship/distribute/make some money – not easy, and actually now impossible for us.

With this is mind Emma and I approach our ‘House Wine’ suppliers with some trepidation as increases of 10-20% have been floated by some and outside of the lunacy of Brunello and Barolo we have not ever faced this, usually our problems are home grown duty/VAT/exchange rate/transport based. Oh for an easy life.

What I am really looking forward to is tasting the 2012 vintage, early reports are massively mixed.  I will try and keep you posted this year.


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