Prosecco – a mini blind tasting

This can all end in tears, fortunately it didn’t (this time).  I was passing an Aldi on Thursday and decided it was high time that I gave their Valdobbiadene Prosecco a go, Danillo had just given me a bottle of one one that he is importing (Just So Italian – not on his website yet) and time to try Tesco’s Finest, I have tried the cheap one and can remember what that tastes like.  A bottle of Cuc and Riva Extra dry from us, get Rob, Nicky and Ellie round and rely of Pols for impartial delivery of the wines, should be a good night!

Scores on the doors (all the wines were tasted blind and these are not my notes)

1. Vigna del Cuc ProseccoSuperiore Brut 2011 (12.95), highest score from all but one, ‘clean, not too sweet etc..’ 7-9 scores

2. Riva di Rocca Prosecco Extra Dry 2011 (11.50), ‘cleaner, sweeter… more fruity…’  6s and a 7

3. Vignarosa Prosecco Extra Dry 40 (unknown), ‘less and smaller bubbles, really fruity and slightly bitter on the end’  5s and 6s all round.

4. Aldi Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore Extra Dry (7.99), ‘Pear and pineapple, fresh and zesty… the first sip was best’ 5s all round

5. Tesco Finest Prosecco (9.99) ‘Tropical, fruity, too bubbly…bit bitter on the finish’  This one split the judges, a 3,4,4,6 and 8

I thought Tesco’s would have been better, it is made by Bisol, who are one of the best – ‘Finest’ has to be the most misleading tagline (after Carlsberg’s ‘Probably’).  The Cuc stood out as the best and the Aldi was slap bang in the middle of everyone’s score.  A bit of a sore head in the morning, I’ll blame that on Aldi and Tesco.

photo 3

Prosecco Extra Dry Riva di Rocca photo 2photo 4 photo 5


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