A lifetime of Il Marroneto

Fabulous tasting at Gusto Cortina, an event with some first class tastings and excellent producers – better for the guests than the exhibitors though.


A classic Brunello estate that makes wine to be cellared.  Alessandro has only Brunello vineyards and in a generous vintage around 27,000 bottles are released.

Please note, these pictures are taken with an old iphone – they are not very accurate, but do give you an idea of how the colour has held/changed

A cool year with rain throughout the spring and summer, regarded as good, not great.
Like all of the wines, garnet in colour, prune, truffle and tobacco on the nose, the fruit is fading with some dignity into an old kirsh or fromboise.
Warming strawberry fruit, lightish and finely textured, fine tannin, soft and balanced with date, fig and flowers, a really interesting wine.
This was a warm year, the wine has welcoming spiced fruit, shot with bursts or cherry and damson. A very good wine with a lovely freshness.

Another very good year, great silky structure, quite concentrated with some power.
Family problems and the wine suffered, in fact the whole lot was sold as vino da tavola to a bar in Berlin.

A climatic freak of a year, the population of Firenze could walk across the Arno in the winter when it was frozen over and the summer when it was emptied by drought. It was the year that killed so many of Tuscanys’ olive groves.
A little green on the nose, tight damson and cherry fruit – quite a lot better on the palate than the nose. A good ripeness and interesting clove and herb on the finish.

A remarkably fresh and complex tasting wine, pepper, damson, prune and strawberry. Very good.

A wet vintage responsible for thinner, lighter wines with marked acidity. This is no exception, for some the acidity may be a bit much but there are no notes of rot and it is a pretty decent little wine. A bit too mineral and not much fruit, lots of treble, not much bass.

Considered by many as one of the ten greatest vintages of all time.
This is a big balanced wine, loaded with sour red fruit, herb and garrique. An absolute classic.

A great vintage for Barolo, not so good for Brunello. The fruit is lovely and bright, sour red berry and morello, it is a wine balanced on a knife edge – the acidity threatens and just holds back, no crowd pleaser and all the better for it.

Big, tannic peppery fruit with ripe damson and cherry. Complete and impressive with power to spare, some floral and earthy flavours, a lovely wine.

Leather, prune and eucalyptus on the nose, mirroring the palate which introduces mocha, porcini and sloe. A wine where the secondary flavours dominate and for me it is just past the sweet spot.

Slightly hard tannic structure holding some silky fruit. A wine with real backbone, incredibly long, an intruging wine.

Tight, fine masculine tannins with truffle, mushroom and bitter red fruit, floral and earthy. Very, very good.

Hot, spicy and soft, very easy strawberry fruit, perhaps a little 2D compared to some of the stellar wines around it, still very enjoyable though.

Spiced deep damson, with strawberry, a little monolithic with the finest violet and floral nuance running through, faint red fruit and cherry. I really loved this wines tightness and complexity.


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