Saturday 24th May Open Bottles

Next week we have wines arriving from Bulfon, Marzo and Petrilli, then Ascheri, Raia, Ciu Ciu and Frentana. It is a fine time to clear those last few cases of the old vintages, so with luck we can help each other out with the bank holiday on bearing down and a half decent weather forecast.

Open on Saturday morning:

Ascheri Gavi di Gavi 2012
Ciu Ciu Falerio 2012
Ciu Ciu Bacchus 2012

Save 20% on these wines in the warehouse on Saturday (24/5/14) – new vintages are imminent

These offers are available in person or over the phone.
White wines
Ascheri Gavi di Gavi 2012 – £13.25 – OFFER £10.60
Ciu Ciu Falerio 2010 £8.75 – OFFER £7.00
Di Majo Norante. Falanghina Rami 2010 £11.00 – OFFER £7.75
Mancinelli. Verdicchio 2011 £9.85 – OFFER £7.75
Red wines
Ciu Ciu Bacchus 2012 – £9.60 – OFFER £7.60
Valpanera Refosco Superiore 2008 – £16.00 – OFFER £12.80
Emilio Bulfon Piculit Neri 2012 – £15.00 – £12.00


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