Fine intentions

to be dashed on the first rocks that I can find.

The natural progression from a fantastic week on the glacier at Hintertux is salad and water for the rest of the year.  To all those planning a dry January, remember that wine merchants have children, your piety can only cause them suffering.  It may be better to brighten the short days with wine wonderstuff, less and better is the byword.

On that note, our first wineclub case goes out next week and we were delighted to see that the 6 bottle option was easily the most popular and we will strive to make this the best that we can.

Less exciting news is that we are been forced to change our website, the rug has been pulled from many feet including ours.  The new version is well underway and we are cautiously optimistic.  We are also changing the way we contact you, soon we will cancel the ’email blast’ and replace it with an invitation only event – the thinking behind this is simple, I had junk mail and really like to receive things that interest me, we are trying to replicate this for you.  The aim is to use this blog, twitter, facebook etc…  more and clog your inbox less, now there’s some fine intentions.

ps der Rindererhof really is worth a visit, friendly, great food and wine, decent value and right by the gondola.


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