What it means. Residual sugar in Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine must declare its level of sweetness: if the bottle is labelled ‘Dry’ or ‘Sec’ it will have between 12.75 and 24 grams of residual (unfermented) sugar in the bottle, that is nearly a teaspoon in each glass.

  • Brut Nature, up to 2.25 grams per bottle
  • Extra Brut, up to 4.5 grams per bottle
  • Brut, up to 9 grams per bottle
  • Extra Dry, Extra Sec,  up to 12.75 grams per bottle
  • Dry, Sec,  up to 24 grams per bottle
  • Demi-Sec,  up to 37.5 grams per bottle
  • Doux, Sweet,  up to 75 grams per bottle

A bottle is 75cl in this instance.


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