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What it means. Residual sugar in Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine must declare its level of sweetness: if the bottle is labelled ‘Dry’ or ‘Sec’ it will have between 12.75 and 24 grams of residual (unfermented) sugar in the bottle, that is nearly a teaspoon in each glass. Brut Nature, up to 2.25 grams per bottle Extra Brut, up to 4.5 grams per bottle […]

2014 Alcohol Duties

2014 Alcohol duties We pay duty when the goods arrive so the prices will only change as we restock the warehouse. Usually there is a PR assault underling the damaging effects of alcohol before the budget, there wasn’t this year because the news is good.  Some may have noticed that wine and sparkling wine was […]

Decanter World Wine Awards

OK, I am not that excited about how well Casali have done, but that’s not really the point. I want to share Decanter’s wording with you, you may find it fair and accurate, personally I believe the English wine trade has a lot to be modest about and find the statement absurd. (ps. we didn’t […]

The Real Wine Tasting

A motley collection of wines held together by good intentions, which is as robust an umbrella as is needed, though should a hard wind of definition hit the event it may leave the spokes bare, but probably intact. Enough waffle, it was a really good tasting and if the temperature hadn’t climbed toward the end […]

Post Budget Prices

For now we are working on the old price list, new prices will be posted after the Easter holidays.

Drinking during the Budget and the extent to which it is ‘Unchanged”

During the Budget, the Chancellor is the only MP allowed to drink alcohol. According to the Parliament website, Chancellors over the years have opted for whisky (Kenneth Clarke), gin and tonic (Geoffrey Howe), brandy and water (Benjamin Disraeli), sherry and beaten egg (William Gladstone) and spritzer (Nigel Lawson). 2012 Duty rates On Monday 26th March […]

Spring Special Offers (SOLD OUT)

Spring Special Purchases Please follow the link (click on Spring Special Offers) if you wish to download a link to our latest offers.