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Paolo Petrilli


Standard working week ahead

No Toscana this week, no Canadians, Dutch or Australians to lead me astray – time to get on with the business of buying/ selling wine.  There is the small problem of the website being in the midst of a re-build -something that I foolishly though would provide a pause in which I could get to grips with the […]

Fine intentions

to be dashed on the first rocks that I can find. The natural progression from a fantastic week on the glacier at Hintertux is salad and water for the rest of the year.  To all those planning a dry January, remember that wine merchants have children, your piety can only cause them suffering.  It may […]

Saturday 31st May Free Tasting at the Bat and Bottle Warehouse – Paolo Petrilli

This week Paolo Petrilli’s wine wines arrive.  My allocation of the Fortuita 2011 is a miserly 114 bottles – that incidentally is the UK allocation too.  We have a little more of the Agramante 2011 and for the first time we have shipped his monovarietal wines – the total production for each is 1 barrel, […]


Mini photo album

News Sips (week 19)

Cantine Aperte 26th May We haven’t done a Cantine Aperte for a while, it is an Italian festival of wine where a huge number of producers throw their doors open to the public for the weekend.  Well worth braving Ryanairs hospitality for. Oakham Enterprise Park We moved warehouse in February to what was ‘HM Ashwell Prison’, […]


Confusingly it is often referred to in the Friuli as Ribolla Nera, but it has nothing to do with (genetically speaking) Ribolla Gialla (the yellow darling of the Collio). The name is from schioppietto, meaning crackle – perhaps the wine used to be bottled with some fizz, maybe it has something to do with the […]