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Pignoletto, the new Prosecco?

I was prompted by an old article in the Telegraph to share a little background on Pignoletto, a variety we have championed for many years. Pignoletto is a place and a white variety that is genetically identical to Grechetto, the name Pignoletto was used only around Pignoletto with the DOCs of Colli Bolognesi, Colli d’Imola, Colli di […]

Emilio Bulfon Blanc de Rugel

The newest of Bulfon’s wines is a cuvée of Cividìn and Ucelùt, the Ucelùt (20%) is fermented dry and aged in barrique. 2012 A deeply flavoured, beautiful wine with spice, grapefruit and floral elements – it is without doubt the most serious white Bulfon has released, there is a firm mineral core, lovely lees-y richness […]

2014 Alcohol Duties

2014 Alcohol duties We pay duty when the goods arrive so the prices will only change as we restock the warehouse. Usually there is a PR assault underling the damaging effects of alcohol before the budget, there wasn’t this year because the news is good.  Some may have noticed that wine and sparkling wine was […]

A bit of news from Piemonte

Andrea (Villa Giada) thinks it’s the first normal vintage since 2001, there will be a time to re-define normal but it is not now.  What interests me is that it is a vintage where it will be easier to identify the various wines, the best sites should yield excellent wines, those less blessed will be […]

The Real Wine Tasting

A motley collection of wines held together by good intentions, which is as robust an umbrella as is needed, though should a hard wind of definition hit the event it may leave the spokes bare, but probably intact. Enough waffle, it was a really good tasting and if the temperature hadn’t climbed toward the end […]

COFFELE Soave Classico 2010

2010- Hazelnut, mineral and lime flavours, a wine that marries concentration with freshness and the result is pure elegance. A top flight Soave in every way. 100% Garganega 12.5%

Post Budget Prices

For now we are working on the old price list, new prices will be posted after the Easter holidays.