The newest of Bulfon’s wines is a cuvée of Cividìn and Ucelùt, the Ucelùt (20%) is fermented dry and aged in barrique. 2012 A deeply flavoured, beautiful wine with spice, grapefruit and floral elements – it is without doubt the most serious white Bulfon has released, there is a firm mineral core, lovely lees-y richness […]

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Cantine Aperte 26th May We haven’t done a Cantine Aperte for a while, it is an Italian festival of wine where a huge number of producers throw their doors open to the public for the weekend.  Well worth braving Ryanairs hospitality for. Oakham Enterprise Park We moved warehouse in February to what was ‘HM Ashwell Prison’, […]

2014 Alcohol duties We pay duty when the goods arrive so the prices will only change as we restock the warehouse. Usually there is a PR assault underling the damaging effects of alcohol before the budget, there wasn’t this year because the news is good.  Some may have noticed that wine and sparkling wine was […]

Confusingly it is often referred to in the Friuli as Ribolla Nera, but it has nothing to do with (genetically speaking) Ribolla Gialla (the yellow darling of the Collio). The name is from schioppietto, meaning crackle – perhaps the wine used to be bottled with some fizz, maybe it has something to do with the […]

old school prosecco, 2nd fermentation in bottle without remuage, yeasty, pear fresh 11%er with attitude

Andrea (Villa Giada) thinks it’s the first normal vintage since 2001, there will be a time to re-define normal but it is not now.  What interests me is that it is a vintage where it will be easier to identify the various wines, the best sites should yield excellent wines, those less blessed will be […]