Wine Sites

Bat and Bottle – Our web site, lots of decent information.

Meininger’s – A gatherer of information, quite fun none the less.

Able Grape – Set up by a google guy and pretty impressive – didn’t help with vernaccia nera though.

Wine Country.IT – This is a really useful site for Italian wine reference.

Movimento Tourismo del Vino, Friuli Venezia Giulia – It is not that easy to get good information about this nexk of the woods and this has it all; events, maps producers – great site.

Information on the Maremma – Useful Decanter Article

Colli Berici Consorzio – Tai or Tocai Rosso

Orvieto Consorzio

Consorzio di Tutela – Incredible map resource on the Langhe, Barolo and Barbaresco

Wine of the Piceno in the Marche.

Winefriend – Nice blog on Italian (and other) wine, lots of information.

Best Wine Map of Italy – We are seeing if there is something that we can do to stock these.

Next Best Wine Map of Italy – I really like what Wine Folly are doing and periodically import their posters – they also a free ‘personal use’ download – very handy!

UK Cider – Nothing to do with wine and totally brilliant.


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