Sparkling wine must declare its level of sweetness: if the bottle is labelled ‘Dry’ or ‘Sec’ it will have between 12.75 and 24 grams of residual (unfermented) sugar in the bottle, that is nearly a teaspoon in each glass. Brut Nature, up to 2.25 grams per bottle Extra Brut, up to 4.5 grams per bottle […]

Natural wine is a vague term, and that seems to work.  The art tends to be practiced by small producers for whom time has no cost and whose philosophy is guided by a deep sense of responsibility for the land.  The best often scorn regulation, fearing a loss of independence and of being associated with […]

I was prompted by an old article in the Telegraph to share a little background on Pignoletto, a variety we have championed for many years. Pignoletto is a place and a white variety that is genetically identical to Grechetto, the name Pignoletto was used only around Pignoletto with the DOCs of Colli Bolognesi, Colli d’Imola, Colli di […]

Some good news and some very good news: The website is back ( – fully functioning and growing by the day. The very good news is that our new Chiantis have arrived from Colognole (Rufina) and Castell’in Villa (Castelnuovo Berardenga). I’ll be at the Decanter World Wine Awards all next week (judging, which is nice) […]

No Toscana this week, no Canadians, Dutch or Australians to lead me astray – time to get on with the business of buying/ selling wine.  There is the small problem of the website being in the midst of a re-build -something that I foolishly though would provide a pause in which I could get to grips with the […]

to be dashed on the first rocks that I can find. The natural progression from a fantastic week on the glacier at Hintertux is salad and water for the rest of the year.  To all those planning a dry January, remember that wine merchants have children, your piety can only cause them suffering.  It may […]